According to a story on FoxNews, a ten year old boy in California died from what is called “secondary drowning”. He had apparently swallowed some water while swimming at midday on Sunday. A few hours later, he noted he was tired and laid down for a nap. When someone checked on him after he didn’t wake up for awhile, they noticed water coming out of his nose, and he was having trouble breathing. He died shortly afterwards in the hospital emergency room.

This awful scenario accounts for about 5% of all drowning deaths annually. It can happen as long as 72 hours after being in the water. The person or child may show no symptoms at first, other than a raspy cough. If that cough should persist, or you notice other symptoms like respiratory problems or a very raspy voice… you should contact your doctor or hospital.

With summer and swimming upon us, take the time to brush up on Water Safety Tips