As luck would have it, I am moving to an area come the beginning of August where FiOS will be available. This means that I will be able to put the Comcast nightmare behind me. Now I have read all the reviews and while the service is not going to blacklist, restrict, monitor, or just packet-shape me silly, there are other considerations.

In some cases, take longer to install. Sometimes, four hours or more, although I hear this is rare. Then there is the issue of the router. The provided Actiontec provides a usable router to some extent, however there are numerous reports of shoddy firmware if it is put under much stress. Something about NAT table issues.

So in the end, going with a daisy chain would make the most sense. Not that it is totally critical, but it might help if there are any wireless range issues as my router is likely to be light years better than some Actiontec box.

Have FiOS, care to share your experiences? Hit the comments and tell me what you think between FiOS and cable internet such as Comcast.