Everytime I write about Firefox and it being a memory hog, I have to always point out the following:

First I have been using Firefox since it was in diapers. I personally believe it is far superior to Internet Explorer. I will continue to use Firefox no matter how much RAM it uses. Enough said. 🙂

But over at PCMech a writer points out that his system is being sucked dry of memory by Firfox 3. BUT, it is also pointed out that Add-Ons are at fault and not the browser itself. Plus the writer adds that he has no intention of dumping Firfox either. But there is one sentence that describes my deelings as well:

Plus, if you have to steer clear of plug-ins to keep Firefox running correctly, then that is a stupid trade off. One of the primary “selling points” of Firefox is the ability to use plug-ins.

Also like this writer also states, RamBack does give some help, but it is minimal. On my system  I have had as much as 15MB given back, which isn’t that great but it’s better than nothing.

Bottom line: If you expect Firefox 3 to be better on RAM usage you may be disappointed.