The June 2008 PCLinuxOS Magazine is now available for download. PCLinuxOS is one of the better distribution available and is highly recommended for new users. In this months issue are the following:

PCLinuxOS Magazine, June 2008 (Issue 22) is available to download. You can find it at the PCLinuxOS Magazine website. If you’d like to be informed immediately about our releases, please signup for the Magazine-Announce mailing list .


As we always do, the HTML version is simultaneously being published for low bandwidth users. The HTML Site is W3C standards compliant for easy browsing.

Some highlights include:

  1. What is root?
  2. Configuring a 5 Button Mouse
  3. Burn an ISO Disk
  4. Google Goodies
  5. And more…

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Thanks and enjoy!


PDF Version June 2008 (Issue 22)

HTML Version June 2008 (Issue 22)

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