My wife and I obtained a rabbit a few months ago, and I can tell you with confidence that it’s the most spoiled rabbit that you’ll ever come across. This rabbit is the first pet that we have ever had together, and while it may not be a dog or cat, it’s so domesticated that it’s starting to act like one. People take their pets seriously, and they truly become a part of the family (sometimes more so than some of their human counterparts). Dogs and cats are still the most popular pet choices, and whether you already own one or are thinking about getting one, you’ll probably enjoy

This site contains the obligatory pet videos and pictures, but there’s also some useful information here. Important news and tips are featured, and you’ll also be able to use their interactive PetVet tool to help diagnose any medical conditions that your pet may have. The content on breeds will help to further educate animal lovers about the animals that they know and love, and by spending just a small amount of time at, you’ll probably want to pamper your pet even more.