When I first tried Twitter, I remember asking myself why am I even bothering with MySpace and Facebook. Because despite my hesitation with getting overly involved with social networking websites, my work generally dictates that I maintain some presence.

With Twitter, I found that I could both “social network” in addition to doing so on my terms, largely thanks to their great API. And as you can see here, in many ways, it is their API that makes Twitter so successful.

And this brings me to a contest that I happen to be a part of, for WeatherBug’s API. Well as of today, WeatherBug is officially launching a contest for developers interested in adding real-time, extremely local weather data to new or existing applications. This includes mobile, web based and installable platform specific applications. Perhaps one of the best known examples comes from Singer’s Creations.

If you program with PHP, C#, Python, Java, Visual Basic or any programing language for that matter, you might want to check into this contest. International developers encouraged to participate. There might very well be a new iPod touch in it for you.