Verizon has announced they will provide free tools to protect kids online for their broadband customers. Parents will be able to block content to certain sites they select to prevent their children from being exposed to porn or other undesirable content. In addition a  time out feature will also allow parents to control the amount of time that kids spend on the net.Verizon states:

“Broadband technology presents a tremendous opportunity,” Seidenberg said. “But we know that people will only fully utilize broadband networks if they trust that their personal information will remain private, and that parents will not feel comfortable with their children’s embrace of technology unless they know their children are safe. Verizon has tried to stay ahead of the curve on both fronts, and that’s why we’ve decided to make even more tools available to our customers for free.”

Though Verizon should be complimented for providing this service, I was actually surprised that it has taken this long for the company to provide this service. Also Vista has similar parental controls for those who are not Verizon subscribers.

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