Gmail, or Google Mail — an application that many people are more than familiar with.  It is my primary mail account and I have gmail fetch all of my mail from other accounts.  This makes reading mail from virtually anywhere in the world a possability — all with one login.  I was thrilled when I heard that Google was improving gmail and adding new features to it.

A new feature should not be available to all Google users.  This is essentially a ‘beta’ test for the new features that Google wants to implement.  Google is doing a very smart thing — they are letting the users decide what works and what does not.

At 6pm PT they’re launching Gmail Labs – it will be a tab on top of settings, a list of features that are rough, have gone through almost no filtering. Using the send feedback link users can go to the Google Conversation. Every user will have this available.

The first batch will include 13 new features being tested now, all created by Gmail engineers. Everyone will have access to these.

Link: Live Coverage of Google Gmail Event

Some examples of what you will be able to test include “quick links” to add to your email, time out (to force yourself to take a break), signature tweaks and keyboard shortcuts (customized for you!).

This has some great potential and anyone with Gmail should go check this out.  Don’t have a Gmail account?  It is easy to get one at

Justin Capasso