Acer has been quite vocal when it comes to Microsoft and it’s Windows operating system, in particular its dislike of Vista. Acer has previously stated that Vista is the worst OS ever as reported in this article here. But now the #2 computer company is shaking its fist at Microsoft once again, this time throwing its support behind Linux based systems. According to iTnews, Acer is going to offer more of it’s laptops and its netbook computer systems with Linux only. The article states:

Acer has stated that it will be pushing Linux aggressively on its laptops and netbooks..

The company is already heavily promoting Linux for its low cost ultra-portable netbook range out later this year, but senior staff have said that Acer will also push Linux on its laptops.

Acer has already started selling Linux in its Media PC business but this should now spread, according to Gianpiero Morbello, vice president of marketing and brand at Acer.

“We have shifted towards Linux because of Microsoft,” he said. “Microsoft has a lot of power and it is going to be difficult, but we will be working hard to develop the Linux market.”

Acer sees two killer apps with Linux on computers: operation and cost. Its flavour of Linux will boot in 15 seconds compared to minutes for Windows, and the open source operating system can extend battery life from five to seven hours.

When Vista was first introduced some users were concerned about the short battery life that some laptops experienced when running the new OS. Though with SP1 the battery life should be better, it seems that Acer is claiming by using Linux battery life is extended by some two hours. That is a big difference if Acer’s numbers are accurate.

But the big question will be, can Acer convince consumers that Linux is better than Windows?

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