Mmm... DonutsImage by DYFL via Flickr
– Krispy Kreme
, Dunkin Donuts, Shipley’s are to name but a few of the famous donut chains in America. Did you know that the first Friday of June is National Donut Day? Well, don’t feel bad, neither did I, until my wife jumped on the bed with my 2 year old to let me know about it. Mrs. 4four1ones is a school teacher and came across this interesting fact on her district CE schedule. Oh, how exciting….sigh. Well, being a good father, I got out of bed and loaded my family into the car to take them to our local donut shop – Citi Donut, to celebrate. Unfortunately, the donuts sucked. I’m a Dunkin man and it’s sad that we do not have one nearby, but I managed to get my crusty, over-greased sweet treats down.

Did you celebrate National Donut Day today? If you did, please leave me a comment and let me know about it.

Have a great donuty day,


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