I graduated from high school in 1990. During my high school years, I was pretty much just “wood work” -blended in and was pretty much a band dork who played drums. I really didn’t have a whole lot of people who I could consider “friends”. I had lots of “acquaintances”, and people I tolerated at school, but nobody that I would consider true friends.

So when I graduated, I left high school and never looked back. I pride myself in that my life BEGAN after high school. I have lived equivalent of multiple life times in the past 18 years. My life has been incredible, exciting and AMAZING!

Which brings me to my point in writing this entry. I have a sister-in-law who graduated high school with me and still lives in the same area that she lived in while in high school. She recently introduced me to our “class of 1990” website. It’s a social networking/reunion site. So I sign up for it, and I noticed that its full of all of the same clique-ish people who were the same way in high school. As I am reading through their profiles, I am grining to myself because (to me) their lives seem very mundane and boring. Oh yeah, and I noticed that the same people who were all about the cliques are still all about the cliques. They only message the people they hung out with in high school and no one else.

So I think to myself, how greatful I am that I DIDN’T put any real “stock” in my high school experience, because, my life now is very dynamic and exciting. And the fact that I can’t even relate to these people makes it all the sweeter! Even the guys with the Micosoft and Boeing gigs now, make me yawn.

So while the rest are posting messages about what they want to do for a 20 year reunion, I have posted that I don’t mind hanging out on such sites, but I WON’T be attending any reunions. —In your face!!