Carl Icahn, Donald Trump, and so many others like them have the same problem. These people achieve a great deal of success in a very narrow set of circumstances, and suddenly they believe that they have the solution to every problem that exists today.

Icahn has made lots of money breaking up companies, shaking up boards of directors, and generally getting people to bend to his will. While that may have its uses, he has never done anything that is constructive in any way other than amassing a fortune. Don’t get me wrong. I know that money is needed, and as the saying goes ‘makes the world go around’. However, when history has been written, I can think of no one who is like Icahn ever being mentioned. When someone speaks of the Rockefellers, the talk is about the build up of Standard Oil, which transformed this country with the ability to become mobilized. When someone speaks of the Hearst family, they speak of the marvelous additions to the fourth estate, and publishing in general. These people will be remembered not for their money, but what they did with it.

Icahn, unless he changes radically, will have no such legacy. People will not remember him 50 years from now. Should a search find something on him, it will be a short blurb telling how he plundered the world, erasing the good works of others. He will be known as a rat bastard, pure and simple. No one will ever want to be known as related to him.

Similarly, Donald Trump has made billions in real estate, but many forget he has lost billions also, and so he is not infallible. Many also do not know that he was handed a fortune to start with – much easier a start than someone who has to make that first million. Watching this man on television (the other half likes that kind of drivel) was excruciating for me, as he substituted his ideas for those of anyone else on any subject. The show only highlighted what a one dimensional character this buffoon is, and that, outside ‘his realm’ he is like a baby chick in a windstorm. It is also a sad showing of the fact that those born to wealth seldom have cultivated simple manners and common decency.

Few in this world are truly intelligent enough to realize how much they do not know, and instead of bellowing to convince the world how much knowledge they possess, make every effort to obtain more in a diligent, humble manor.

Icahn should crawl back into his hole somewhere along Wall Street, and concern himself with playing the stock market he so loves, and Trump should buy and sell as much real estate as he can, because when he dies, none of it will go with him, although like the arrogant pharaohs of Egypt, he will certainly try.

Leave building things of value to the Rockefellers, the Hearsts, and the Yangs of this world. Perhaps someone someday, years from now, will find Icahn, and Trump, in a search of Yahoo.

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