The sound of a squirrel bouncing and bumping down a length of sturdy turf is a series of muffled thumps, accented by chirps from the little rodent as air is forced out of its lungs when it strikes the ground. We’re telling you this because it’s a sound that you won’t hear in today’s featured game.

However, in Rodent Tree Jump, you’ll get to SEE squirrels bouncing and bumping down a length of sturdy turf. In this game, four big-eyed tree rats will drop from a tree onto a trampoline from which they’ll be launched down a length of sturdy turf until they bounce and bump to a stop. What’s your part in this? Well. Your job is to take command of one of the rodents and guide the angle and power of his bounce. Your objective is to get him as close to a target as possible. The closer you get him, the more points you’ll receive as well as an improved chance to move on to more difficult levels.

Rodent Tree Jump is a decently entertaining game. Getting a fluffy squirrel close to the target is an addictive challenge. Having opponents to compete against makes this game an addictive obsession.

The warm feeling of satisfaction that arises after sending sugary-cute fuzzballs on bruising missions to gain point may disturb gentle animal lovers. Try to remember that the little animals in this game are trained professionals.