Had an unfortunate issue with my Blackberry today, a bit of a heart stopper if you will. My trackball suddenly stopped working, much to my dismay. But rather than assuming that the Blackberry itself had bit the dust, I did some checking around on the “Inter-webs”. Sure enough, all that needed to happen was to remove the circular cover and them to allow the trackball itself to simply drop out from there.

On the trackball itself, there were min-wheels, much like you might find with an old school PS/2 mouse. A little rubbing alcohol and two Q-Tips later, we were good to go. Replacing the trackball itself was simple enough once I realized I needed to line up the outer edge of the trackball frame itself. From there, I needed to also make sure the circular cover was lined up then I was able to snap things back into place. And that was all there was to it!

Are you too finding that your trackball has suddenly stopped working? I would recommend this tutorial as it certainly served me well. Have a great weekend everyone.