I received the June 4th issue of TechNet from Microsoft I found it odd that the first thing Microsoft addressed was Vista. In the statement it said:

Welcome to the special bonus edition of TechNet Flash featuring content specifically selected to inform and ease your Windows Vista deployment.

When we released Windows Vista, security was clearly a top priority. However, one of the implications of the increased focus on security was that compatibility with Windows Vista was not where we wanted it to be at launch. Over the past eighteen months, Microsoft and our partners have made tremendous progress in compatibility, performance, and battery life. Here are updates on a few key facts:

Windows Vista now supports more than 77,000 printers, cameras, speakers and other devices.
More than 2,700 software programs are “Certified for” or “Works with” Windows Vista-logoed; 97 of the top 100 consumer applications are compatible.
62% of small businesses said Windows Vista saves them time, and 70% said it makes them more productive, according to an independent survey.
More than 140 million copies of Windows Vista have been sold, making it the fastest selling operating system in Microsoft history. Even Macs run it.
71 percent of Windows Vista customers like it better than their last operating system.
People familiar with Windows Vista are two to three times more likely to have a favorable impression of it.

If Vista is such a HUGE success, than why is Microsoft still trying to convince people that it is so great?  One would think that after a year and a half, that Vista could stand on it’s own two feet without more PR hype.

Even the title was a solicitation to use Vista:

TechNet Flash: Special Edition: Why should you upgrade to Windows Vista?

What do you think?

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