Steve Ballmer, the new spokes person for the mighty software empire from Redmond aka Microsoft, is now making predictions about the future of newspapers and magazines. In his wisdom he believes that within 10 years we will no longer be able to view newspapers or magazines in print form. But in an article over at the San Jose Mercury news, this one statement[s] expressed my feelings when I read what Stevie had to say:

Technology has yet to deliver a replacement for the convenience of having a paper product to take along on the subway, to the bathroom (insert joke here), to the doctor’s office and to read at the checkout stand.

We are all aware that one can read the latest news on your iPhone or other gadget, but the one word that sticks out is convenience.  Putting the issues of being ‘green’ and saving a tree aside, tossing out printed material may be harder than one might think.

But what do you think? Is Ballmer onto something? Or should he stick to computers and his quest of Yahoo?

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