In this day and age with protections in place to protect our freedom to speech, one needs to wonder just how far someone can go when blogging on the Internet. The classic case of an employee losing his job is the case of Mark Jen, who worked a total of 10 days before being terminated by Google. It seems that Jen had used Google’s own to allegedly complain about his employer.

Than there is the case of Ellen Simonetti who was canned by Delta Airlines for blogging about her jog as a stewardess. Oops. Flight attendant. We must be PC. Anyway Ellen blabbed about her job and Delta apparantely didn’t like what she said. Out she went, blog and all.

We also have the story about a Microsoft subcontractor, who lost his contract after he posted pictures oh his blog,  of Apple computers being delivered to the Redmond empires main campus. 🙂

So what do you think? Are you protected by first amendment rights if you bad mouth your boss on your blog? Or can corporate America kick your ass out the front door?

Comments welcome.

[Sources for this article available at wikipedia or via Google search]