To: Barack Obama
From: Catherine Forsythe
Date: June 7, 2008

Mr. Obama, I respectfully suggest the consideration of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg as your selection for Vice President.

Initially, some will recoil from this suggestion. She is not a politician and never has run for elected office. Is that a drawback? At this critical point in the new century, does the country need another politician? Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg may not have run for political office but she is no stranger to politics. It is in her DNA, literally and figuratively. She did not refrain from this recent nomination process. She became involved and endorse you because she realizes that the nation is at a critical juncture.

Americans who lived through the Kennedy years love her. She is the quintessential ‘American daughter’. You have in Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg an immediate appeal to the older demographic and to the women’s vote. You also have her appeal to the younger generation. As you know from her endorsement of you, her reach crosses many, and perhaps all, social lines.

Her credentials are impeccable. She is a lawyer and a writer. Her educational background includes Harvard University and Columbia University. Her books have included scholarly works. There is no doubt that she would be a candidate who is easy to vet. The American people would have no difficulty accepting her. She has never left. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has remained on the periphery of the American consciousness since she was a child.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is instant name recognition. Her selection as your candidate for Vice President will negate much of the attack politics about your choice for a running mate. The Republicans would not run a campaign of negative politics about her. They know that the American people would find it distasteful and the number of angry voters would be legion.

Mr. Obama, you talk of change. This nomination would speak to the change. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has no ambition for political office. Hopefully, to paraphrase her father’s words, she will answer a call to serve and to do what she can for her country. The American people would know that her actions and decisions would not be with special interest groups in mind. It would not be for her own political gain or self-aggrandizement. Her focus would be on the people and her country. And isn’t that what you want and what the American people want?

Ask her, Mr. Obama. – Yes, you can. – Perhaps she will consider four years.

Catherine Forsythe