So I am watching a baseball game on our local channel, and get up to hit the restroom during innings. I return to my set and the inning has started. But I haven’t a clue what the pitch count is because at the bottom of my screen is a banner which covers the information. The banner ad proudly proclaims that my local channel wants me to know that Analog TV is dead, or should I say will die on 2-17-2009.

The banner ad informs me that my VCR, DVD, Game Console, whatever,  will still function OK after the change. But I will need a box to watch digital TV on my analog set. I’m patient since I would guess there are some folks who need this information and I am understanding when the same ad comes by for the 2nd time. But on the 3rd pass, enough already! To add insult to injury they run this banner ad 2 more times during the game.

I’ve also noticed that other local channels also feel the obligation to run a similar banner ad. Same information. Which leads me to believe that:

There are a lot of people who still have analog TV’s and who are not on cable or satellite, OR

The American public is totally retarded and needs to see this another 6,456 times between now and the next 7 months!

Comments welcome.

FCC Source.