My wife has a digital camera, but we hardly ever use it. As you can imagine, she uses it a lot more than I do, but even then, we barely take any pictures with it. You see, I enjoy looking at pictures, but I’m not a shutterbug in any way. Whether you enjoy looking at pictures or snapping them yourself, there’s certainly a lot to love about what the Internet has done for photography. Thanks to the Web, images can be shared with a worldwide audience quickly and efficiently, and when you think about online photo sharing, you can’t help but bring up Flickr.

Flickr is the king, and while there are a lot of imitators, there is only one Flickr. In addition to pictures, Flickr also now enables you to upload and share videos, but whether you upload pictures or videos, your content will be right at home with Flickr. Content is easily organized, tagged, and notated, and you can even use what you’ve created to make cool things like stamps and photo books. Flickr represents Web 2.0 at its finest, so if you haven’t done so, create an account and start sharing your digital memories today.