In response to Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Modifications: Water4Gas?, long-time Gnomie Jeff Partridge writes:

“but how about improving your current vehicle’s gas mileage by using hydrogen in its most basic and readily available state: water.”

I just saw the full report from the FTC about two nights ago. They’ve tested hundreds of additives and gadgets and come to the sad conclusion that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. That applies specifically to the item you reference in the newsletter. Some things showed a 2-5% increase in mileage, but not on a consistent basis. After studying the situation, I can only come to the conclusion that trying to squeeze the last few years out of using petroleum fuels is a losing proposition.

Ethanol isn’t much better, since it takes crops out of use for food. I personally think that the future lies with hydrogen fuel cells. Nothing else, as you point out, has the availability of hydrogen or the acceptable waste product (pure water). I only hope that the government will mandate the growth of the delivery systems at every gas station — and how long will THAT term survive?

My wife has her own ideas on the answer — a hybrid that uses one or more small wind turbines to recharge the internal battery rather than an internal combustion engine. One way or another, it’s time to wean ourselves off the gasoline pump.