I keep hearing over and over, how the iPhone or perhaps the Blackberry is going to somehow ensure that the dependence on the almighty notebook will soon be coming to an end. To be honest, I just do not see it. Yes, having mobile devices that provide you with access to the Web/email/etc is a tremendous help when opening up a notebook might otherwise be less than possible at that moment. However I fail to see why people get so pumped up about this debate. Honestly, who cares?

At the end of the day, a phone that provides smoother access to YouTube or another phone that gives me instant access to my MS Exchange server is at best, a bonus. It is most certainly not replacing access to my notebook computer when I am on the go. I do not perceive using a phone as anything beyond a communication device to be very practical. And bear in mind I mean both two way and one communications, such as videos.

In my mind, this is the same sort of logic as trying to tell me that a phone with MP3 capability is going to provide the same level of satisfaction as a stand-alone MP3 player – it is utter nonsense. I have no interest in wearing out my phone’s battery and I sure as heck do not wish to attempt to use a phone as as replacement for my notebook, either. Mobile devices are great…as a computing supplement.

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