The New Iphone will include the following.
1. It Will have faster browsing
2. it will be available for third-party aps
3. it will support exchange and mobile me
4. it will support GPS so you can track your exact move
5.It will support Microsoft office and Iwork files
6. It will be available to 70 countries
7. T-mobil will now support Iphone (in some countries)
8. It will be $199-$299 It started at $599
9. it will come in Black and white (16 GB Version White option)
10. There is also a lot more included in these web sites.
*The AD:
The AD

* The iphone web site:
The iPhone Web Site

* The whole Powerpoint/ Keynote:
The Presentation.

All of this will be available July the 11, 2008. Free upgrade and $199 for new users.