Everyone is eager to say that Microsoft’s newest operating system is less than ideal. The word is out…only those in remote parts of the world are unaware.

One person is willing to take on the task of putting Microsoft’s ‘feet to the fire’ by pointing out the flaws in Vista’s User Interface.

While not earth shattering, Long Zheng has gathered a series of problems and inconsistencies that should have been taken care of by now,  Currently, there are 48 of these problems, and the author of the site wants to elicit everyone’s help.

Each of the 48 problems is fully explained, given a rating of severity and impact. There is also news that the first 2 on the list are fixed in Windows 7 – although how that benefits those using Vista is unclear.

Windows UI Taskforce  site

If enough of this gets exposed, by the time Windows 7 is released, it might be in half  the shape that XP SP2 is.

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