I’ve started to get back into reading, and I’m finally making the time to enjoy a good book on a regular basis. With that said, I’m not the type of person that has to keep every book that they’ve ever read in their entire life. Sure, there are a few books that I have that I would never give away, but they only represent a small percentage of my collection. I’m willing to part with the vast majority of my books, and I recently discovered a book store that’s located near where I live that does book exchanges, and I’m planning on exchanging some of my old books for ones that I haven’t read very soon. This is a great service, and the same type of thing can be done with BookMooch.

By exchanging books at the book store near my house, I’m limited to the selection that they have, but BookMooch enables book exchanges with people all over the world. You provide the list of books that you want to give away, and when someone requests one of your books and you mail it to them, you get points that you can use to get books from others. This system is fair and ensures that members won’t just ask for books from others without sending some of their own to fellow readers.