Microsoft wants to get into the health record storage business with their system called ‘HealthVault.’ One of the first major clients will be Kaiser Permanente, in a pilot program. In an article from Reuters it states:

Data kept in Kaiser’s personal health records, which includes patients’ test results, prescriptions and immunizations, will be shifted to Microsoft’s HealthVault, a Web-based service that allows patients to store and manage medical data from a variety of websites and selectively share information with them, the paper reported.

Moves by technology companies, hospitals, insurers and the government to give patients more control and access to their medical information through technology are expected to help lower healthcare costs, it said.

With both Google and Microsoft going into the health care records business, it makes one wonder. Why? Are both these companies so loving and caring that they are concerned about you and I?

What do you think is their real motive?

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