Well this is a real eye opener! Imagine discovering that some codec a client of yours downloads and installs manages to change the DNS settings for their router. Talk about a gateway into a ton of trouble! And despite countless warnings, we are only now hearing about it actually happening – is it luck? Regardless of when it is to be a real problem, you have to admire its efficiency. Because once it gets onto your router, makes the needed changes, it matters little which system you are surfing the web from. In the end, this is pretty scary.

So what now? Do we stop trusting routers, too? No, just make sure you do the obvious stuff for your clients: firmware updates, change the password to the router every so often and of course, instruct your clients about the dangers of using random “codecs” among other often unneeded downloads.

Let’s hear it. Who among you has seen this actually happen to someone? Hit the comments, share your experiences.