So we now have the latest rumor that upgrading to SP3 for Windows XP is causing routers to crash. In fact this headline ‘Windows XP SP3 causing buggy home routers to crash‘, since the term ‘routers’ was used. Most of you know that English is not one of my strongest qualities, but I even know that ‘routers’ is plural, meaning more than one.

So in reading the article, it goes on to state:

Broadband modem/router maker Billion says XP SP3 has been causing its BiPAC 5200-series routers to go into a constant crash and reboot cycle.

The company has produced firmware upgrades that solve the problem, which relate to a bug in Billion’s code, not Microsoft’s. It relates to the fact that Microsoft has started issuing “flag 43” as part of DHCP messages to the modem — something that has been built into the DHCP specification for 11 years, but not actually used in Windows until XP SP 3.

Although Windows XP SP3 has been available for manual download from Microsoft since May 6, it has just hit Windows Update as an automatic upgrade, which will cause unexpected problems for owners of “unpatched” Billion BiPAC 5200 routers, and possibly other brands or models of router.

Interesting. What the heck is a Billion router anyway? So I go to Newegg, Amazon,  Best Buy, Circuit City,  and Tiger Direct. Nothing. These must be a big seller! Sorry to anyone who owns one of these but it is not exactly a known name brand.

‘possibly other brands or models of router.’

Has anyone else had this experience with a  name brand router? Let us know.

Comments welcome.