I cannot honestly say learning that more people put a heavier importance on faster broadband than hi-def tv and digital phone service is all that shocking. Yet despite this recent study, many ISPs appear to be putting more value in expanding their hi-def tv and digital phone service than they do with their own hi-speed broadband connections.

The reason for this is fairly obvious – phone and hi-def TV make better revenue streams while hi-speed Internet makes for an easier to obtain one for companies peddling such services.  It makes you think. Are we as a collective whole, just not into these other technologies as cable companies might otherwise hope we are? Speaking for my own household, we are cell phone only and are generally happy with our standard definition TV for the time being.

Now I do see us upgrading our TV set here in the coming months, however I simply lack any interest of having a landline at all. Well, except for localized 911 services I suppose.I am not really sure how that works will cell phones.

What about you? Do you place more value in the speed and quality of your broadband connection than that of your phone/TV service? Hit the comments, share your perspective.