All around, there is much consternation and trepidation about the end-of-retail life of Windows XP. Like no revision before, the public wishes to hold on to the operating system they have come to love, warts and all.

Windows XP has become a darling because it works, better than anything before it, and to date, anything since.

PC World has an article about how to get and keep Windows XP after June 30, ComputerWorld is showing the best prices to get various versions of XP until the end…lots of smaller places are weighing in on this.

If you need a copy of XP, buy the non-OEM version, so that it can be taken to another machine legally. Don’t worry about the longevity of XP, because if you have XP with Service Pack 3 applied, all that will be needed is the small number of fixes needed post SP3 release.  Gather drivers for all your hardware, and archive them. You should be set for a while.

If you think about it, the worst thing that can happen is you move to a Vista made better by extra efforts of Microsoft, at best, you hang on, with no troubles, until Windows 8 arrives. For those more adventurous, Linux gets better with each iteration, and should be moving with greater alacrity due to the  June 30 date forcing hard reflection upon much of the public.

Also, Mr. Jobs is waiting with open arms!

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