OMG. I was hoping that by now we would have a definitive answer as to when version 7.5 from AVG [Grisoft] would really expire, but the confusion continues. Reader DougCuk [TIA]posted a AVG forum link in the comments section to a previous article I had posted here. On the forum at AVG DougCuk had posted the following:

We have a stand-off here between the Free Forum position and the “official” AVG Technologies position. The Forum moderators here are adamant that they trust their AVG contact “michaelhd” – who posted the 31st December 2008 cut-off date on this forum – while AVG support and marketing (and the nag screen popup) are continuing to stick with their 25th June 2008 cut-off date (extended from original 31st May date).

I really do not understand what AVG Technologies are trying to achieve by allowing this contradictory situation to continue. Especially as many AVG Free users still have real issues with V8 – and the so called “SP1” update with all the major fixes has still not made it out of beta testing.

While I fully accept the information provided on this forum is given in good faith – and in all probability is correct – I still am deeply troubled by the official AVG Technologies position. They are either extremely poor at communication or they are deliberately providing incorrect information to panic existing users into upgrading. People will only choose a security product because they trust the company that produced it. This current confusion over who to trust is not behavior one expects from a leading security company.

To which TWMSR had responded:


I am a PC Doctor in my geographical area and have many customers, most of whom I have converted to AVG 7 over the year or 2 or 3. They panicked when they started getting the May 31 pop-up, but based on michaelhd’s post stating that 12/31 is the cutoff, I have assured them to sit tight with Ver 7 and not worry. I of course have installed Ver 8 many times and I have been testing it. Other than that it’s top heavy, it’s a fine product and it works. I like it best without the Link Scanner. I recently “downgraded” to ver 7 on my own desktop, and that same day got a pop-up stating that June 25 is the cutoff.

What a terrible blunder by Grisoft. I can see Marketing wanting an early date, but Support realizes, I am sure, you don’t just pull the plug on thousands upon thousands of users.

WHAT IS THE TRUTH GRISOFT? Someone is lying!!!


What caused the above responses was the following post from isvahan who stated:

 Please don’t shoot the messenger – I’m not saying this is correct – I’m still telling people 31st December – but a well-respected PC tech company CEO stated tonight on his nationwide live radio segment here in Australia, that “AVG had extended the deadline for 7.5 Free support from 31st May until the end of June. You can keep using it after that date but there will be no further updates”

I think what is truly annoying is that many of us, myself included, have been recommending AVG free to our families, friends and clients  for many years. I am almost to the point where I almost feel an obligation to apologize for the misgivings that AVG seems to be causing.

If the folks at AVG feel that it is in their best interest to have us all switch to a paid version, that is a decision that only they can make. But if they think that by being evasive in providing an end date of support for AVG 7.5 is going to endear any of us to continue to recommend AVG, they will be sorrowfully mistaken.

I still believe that AVG has a great product. I am using version 8 without issue. But that does not excuse AVG for those who continue to have issues. Treating people like mushrooms [keeping them in the dark and feeding them sh*t] is not advisable in the age of the Internet. A bad reputation is hard to shake off.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

PS If this issue is not resolved by the end of June, I am going to begin testing other free anti-virus products and will be reporting back my results during the month of July.  I still have my fingers crossed that AVG is going to come up with a solution.