Several of my friends are local police officers, most of them work patrol.  Here are a few tips that will increase the likelihood that you will not get a ticket should you get pulled over for a traffic violation.  Keep in mind that you should never break traffic laws, but sometimes you don’t realize how fast you’re going, etc.

1.  Be Polite:  Yes, you are upset that you got pulled over.  Keep in mind you should be upset at yourself, not the officer.  He or she pulled you over for your safety and the safety of others.  That’s their job.  Getting rude with the officer will just cause him to look for other reasons to cite you and if you get to bad, you could go to jail.  Rudeness will also lower the chance of getting the ticket “fixed” if, like me, you know allot of police personally.  The officer that signed your ticket has to sign off on it to cancel it.

2.  Keep Your hands Visible:  Once you pull over and put the vehicle in park, keep both of your hands on the wheel and wait for instructions from the officer.  If you dig around in your glove box, the officer does not know if you’re getting your insurance information or a gun.

3.  Turn on Your Dome Light:  If it is dark when you get pulled over, turn on your dome light.  This will allow the officer a clear view of the interior of your vehicle and relieves allot of stress for him/her.

4.  Keep Your Car Clean:  If the interior of your vehicle is a total mess, it is more likely the officer will ask to search.  If it is neat and clean, the officer can see there is nothing there that shouldn’t be and he will be more relaxed.

5.  Don’t Lie:  If you know you were speeding, admit it.  Don’t try to argue with the officer.  If he asks you why you were speeding, don’t make something up.  Last time I got pulled over I just wasn’t paying attention, so that’s what I told him.  If you don’t think you were speeding, you have the option to fight the ticket in court.

Now these are just a few tips, none of which guarantees that you will not get a ticket.  Just remember that it’s best just to be polite, accept the ticket and thank the officer.  Be sincere, not sarcastic.  police get paid crap for putting their lives in danger to protect citizens every day.