A lot of people are talking about trading in their Blackberry cell phones to buy the new iPhone G3. I see this and I am awe struck. I cannot believe how many people are starting to turn to the iPhone.

… But today I dropped my blackberry and severely scratched the screen. It made me consider whether to:

1) buy a new Blackberry Curve
2) wait until the new Blackberry Bold arrives
3) trade it in for the new iPhone 3G

The answer was pretty easy: It’s time to convert to the new iPhone. I don’t love the iPhone for reasons I’ve already written about. First, the new version isn’t as innovative as it claims. Second, I use my Blackberry to send numerous daily emails and really do need a full keyboard. Third, I have no complaints about my current Blackberry and its interface.

Link: Why I’m Turning in my Blackberry for an iPhone 3G

The iPhone looks great from a distance; I will not argue that. However, having an iPod Touch has turned me away from the iPhone in so many ways. Here is what I do not like about the iPod Touch that turns me away from even thinking about buying an iPhone:

  • It takes way too long to sync all my data. My Blackberry does it in a fraction of the time.
  • The iPod Touch randomly deletes everything when syncing. This requires a full backup.
  • The touch keyboard on the iPod Touch is too small. Even if you change the orientation of the screen, you still miss certain letters.

I love my iPod Touch, but the touch screen just does not do it for me. If you are not looking at the screen in exactly a certain way when you go to touch something, it will not open the right program. I prefer buttons that I know will always be in the same spot. I know with my Blackberry that when I go to hit ‘p’, I will hit that key.

I really want to see Apple develop a non-touch screen smart cell phone.

Justin Capasso