Today the Wii got two updates, one update was for the Nintendo Channel and the other was for the Wii Menu. Now the update for the Nintendo Channel is to update a feature on the Channel. The feature is to let you see if a game your looking at whether it’s a Wii game on disc, from Online WiiWare games, or a Virtual Console game is right for you and to let you see what kind of people are playing it and how many people play it. This is a great feature if you really want to get a game but are not to sure that if it’s the right one for you and maybe there are other games you can get if you decide that the one you looked up wasn’t right for you. Now the other update is for the Wii Menu but there isn’t anything different about it so far that I can see but it does allow you to do something more on the Mii Channel. Due to the update now you can add any of your Mii’s from the Mii Plaza to the Mii Parade so it can travel from your Wii to other’s Wii without waiting for a long time or without knowing if it did or not. Great update for all people that like to make Mii’s and want to share it with other people. One of the things that was kinda odd was after reading the little message that Nintendo sent about the update is when upgrading to the new version of the Wii Menu it will check to see if there are any save files on the Wii System Memory that were made using a cheating device and will erase any that are found because Nintendo thinks that affect the Wii in some way. So for any of you that use Action Replay or any of those cheating device for the Wii might not want to upgrade or else your saves might be lost.