With the release of the new 3G iPhone, Apple is predicting that their sales will triple.  Since the new iPhone will contain either eight of sixteen gigabytes of storage, the iPhone will be the next generation of iPods.

For calendar 2008, he expects Apple to sell 14 million iPhones, 40% above its goal of selling 10 million. He expects the company to sell 24 million phones in 2009, which would represent 107% year-over-year growth. (Meanwhile, Piper’s Gene Munster assumes Apple will sell 45 million iPhones next year, but he has already built in expectations of an iPhone family, including cheap, low-end gadgets.) 

Link: Apple’s iPhone 3G Is The New Ipod, Sales to Triple

With Apple starting to get a huge portion of cell phone customers, should the current cellular providers start to get worried?  Personally I do not think that Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint have anything to worry about.  The iPhone seems great, but with a phone so great there will be issues.  Just like the original iPhone had security vulnerabilities, the 3G version will as well.  Any time you dsitribute technology to a large number of people, the ‘bad people’ are going to want to find vulnerabilities.

With the iPhone 3G having wifi capabilities, users can expect to see malware start to show up for the iPhone and iPod Touch — it cannot be avoided.  While Apple will see an initial raise in sales; I think people will eventually start to realized that the iPhone is technology that the world is not ready for yet.

Plus, the data plan includes unlimited internet and only 200 text messages.  What can I do with 200 text messages?

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Justin Capasso