Spammers.  This is a term that everyone is familiar with.  Whether your spam comes from email, IRC chat, WordPress comments or even a DDoS on your server – you know and hate spam.  MySpace, a popular social network, has had enough as well.  They have been part of an ongoing battle to legally stop these spammers.

An arbitrator has ordered Media Breakaway and Chief Executive Scott Richter to pay the social-networking giant $4.8 million in damages and $1.2 million in legal fees, according to legal filings. The company’s employees were also ordered to stay off MySpace. 

Link: Accused spammer must pay MySpace $6 million

Now that is what I call justice.  If you ask me, these spammers should be forced to do more than just pay money.  At the least, they should serve some sort of jail time.  What they are doing is not only illegal; but they are causing damage not only to MySpace but the their users.

I am not saying sentence these spammers to death, but putting them in jail for a few years would surely teach them a lesson.  If jail is not an option, take away what means the most to them — their computers.  If you forbid the spammers from using computers they can no longer spam.

Attack the spammers one at a time and eventually the problem will be solved.

Justin Capasso