In a somewhat stunning move, Verizon has decided that it will block the bulk of the newsgroups available through its newsgroup servers beginning next week. All groups beginning with ‘alt’ will be blocked soon, with the reason given as a method of blocking child pornography.

While it is certain that no one, except the ones downloading the offending material, is for the trafficking of child pornography, there is much on the alt groups that is not of graphic nature of any kind, much less child porn.

Verizon is doing two things at once, all the while using the smokescreen of being the crusader for good that cooperates with the idiots who believe that censorship will stop bad things in life. Verizon is cooperating with the request of the attorney general of the state of New York, and at the same time relieving itself of the load that would come from the buildout necessary to keep up with the demands on the Usenet servers it runs, once the FiOS expansion really catches fire. After all, if the RIAA can track the IP addresses of those moving illegal music, why can’t those powers worried about this use the same methods and remove the rotten apples, while leaving the barrel for the rest of us to enjoy?

In my best Colbert Report fashion, Verizon gets a wag of the finger twice. Once for deciding to put itself in the position of arbiter of what is allowable for the general masses to see, and another for obfuscating the truth of why it really is doing it.

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