Just like almost everyone else, I’ve had friends that have had babies, and as many of you know from personal experience, this is a very eventful time for a man and woman and their family and friends, especially if it’s the first child that the couple has had together. Without a doubt, a baby’s biggest fans are its parents, and they’re totally captivated by all of the little thing that their child can do. This usually causes them to record every moment in the form of pictures and videos that can be shared with everyone that they know. Of course, once the parents have the pictures and videos, how do they share them? There may be a number of complicated ways to do this, but AboutMyBaby isn’t one of them.

With AboutMyBaby, online scrapbooks can be created in hardly any time at all, and the service can store all of the treasured pictures and videos of your baby. If you want to keep this collection private so that your friends and family members are the only ones who can see it, then you can do so, and updates are sent out to let them know when new content is posted. A free version is available, but a Pro membership is also an option for users who want to go that route.