Today we enter into a new type of business model in which us bloggers are now going to be held for ransom if we dare utter any words from the Associated Press. It appears that in their wisdom AP has chosen a policy in which we will be charged, as one source put it, ‘$12.50 to quote 5 words from them.’

Which now poses another dilemma.

Let us say I write a story, such as I did yesterday, about Britannica allowing the public to write articles on their site. Let us say I write 5 words that just happen to match 5 words that AP may have written about the same thing. i.e., I say something like:

Britannica To Allow Public Access

If these 5 words just happen to match what AP says, do I owe them money?

Am I going to have to check on every AP article in advance to make sure I am not using any of their words in advance to posting anything here?

This reminds me of the music industry who sue kids for downloading stuff, in which their parents had to pay. I recall one case in which a kid had downloaded 800 songs valued at $3,000+ a song. Mom was in shock when hit with a $240,000+ judgment. Though the kid and Mom did receive their 15 seconds of fame on CNN, I personally would rather not be on CNN or any other news agency.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.