It seems that when trying to show that it is trying to be reasonable, the Associated Press is still unreasonable.

An article on Wired (no link), explaining what might be established, is filled with warnings about how the content is to (not) be used, and then in a small segment at the bottom, there is a link to get permission for the use of that article.

Does it not make sense, to get any problems with use and enmity caused by misunderstanding, out of the way as soon as possible? Does relaxation of the rules, in the instance of explaining the problems, and their remedy, not make sense?

This is as ludicrous as someone who sells bicycles disallowing any third party description of how great those bicycles might be.

Apparently not to the AP. No, if I wanted to use any part of the article, I would have to jump through a couple of hoops, and then, after 1 month, I would have to make sure that this article was no longer available from here – so much for continuity.

Perhaps some cooler heads will take over at AP, and work this out soon – but don’t bet on it. (common sense, business sense, and simple intelligence seem to be lacking there)

– Article not linked, due to stupid assertions from AP, which, if used, might help their cause, and promote understanding. –

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