On Sunday I posted just a quick note asking if anyone was having trouble with there Google Gmail account. For some unknown reason my account was showing the following message:

‘sorry, your account has been disabled’

Not only could I not access my Gmail, but also my Google homepage, Google Adsense and Google Alerts. I finally was able to locate a support source via email and after 3 emails back and forth, my account was reactivated and I changed my password as recommended by Google technical support as well as my security question and answer.

I also learned something. When there is a problem with a Google Gmail account, they attempt to alert you via your secondary address if available. But my secondary email address was no longer valid since I had changed ISP’s about 2 years. My Gmail account now has the correct secondary address as well as the changes mentioned above.

All in all, it took about 30 hours to get the account reactivated.

I’m not sure if my account was compromised or not, but I am glad Google tech people were there to stop any unwanted activity.

Nice job Google!

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