When it comes to music, most people will admit that their music was not legally obtained.  Downloading music has become a major part of most people’s lives; simply because it is easier and having to pay for it.  One thing that music fans have been asking for for awhile now is some sort of monthly subscription to unlimited downloads.

The results aren’t particularly surprising in most cases, but one finding that stands out is the fact that 80 percent of P2P users said they would pay for a “legal file-sharing service.” What’s puzzling about the finding isn’t so much that people are still willing to pay for music, but that legal download services do exist that make it easy to buy legitimate content right now.

Link: Survey: young people happy to pay for music–on their own terms

Apple has been the first mp3 distributor to toy with the idea.  However, they are claiming it will only be applicable to new iPod customers.  Users will have to buy the lifetime unlimited download bundle for about $100 dollars more.

The idea is a great, but users will not want to buy a new iPod solely for unlimited downloads.  IT would be very nice if Apple would allow every iPod user to buy unlimited downloads; whether the fee is for a lifetime or monthly does not matter.  People would pay for this service.

Justin Capasso