In part of a campaign called “Drive CarePhilly”, these images will be painted as 3D barriers on 100 street junctions in Philadelphia, Penn. in an effort to lower aggressive driving.

Even though the road is completely flat, these paintings give the illusion that they are sticking out of the ground.  They are cheaper and safer than real speed bumps and apparently the mind doesn’t know the difference.

“The driver sees this in the roadway, and they think that it’s some protrusion up out of the roadway, and not a perfectly flat surface. So they slow down before they drive over it.”

Accident data will be collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to see if the pioneering scheme actually does make the roads safer.

Virtual Speed Bumps are the latest innovation to make drivers safer.  Others include inflatable speed bumps that inflate only when a speeding car is detected and Speed Cusions, smaller speed bumps that allow the wheels of ambulances to pass on either side.