I won’t be upgrading to Firefox 3 today or anytime soon because too many of the Firefox Add-Ons I rely on haven’t been updated yet or won’t be at all.

Sadly, the latter is the case with Google Browser Sync according to an email from Google posted by Lifehacker:

Thanks for trying out Google Browser Sync and for all of your feedback. It was a tough call, but we decided to phase out support for Browser Sync. Since the team has moved on to other projects that are keeping them busy, we don’t have time to update the extension to work with Firefox 3 or to continue to maintain it.

For those of you who want to continue to use Firefox 2, we’ll maintain support for old versions of Google Browser Sync through 2008. After that, we can recommend a few other products that scratch a similar itch. We hope that one of them works for you:

Mozilla Weave [labs.mozilla.com] from Mozilla Labs—Offers bookmark and history synchronization across computers.

Google Toolbar for Firefox [toolbar.google.com]—Store your bookmarks online and access them from any computer online.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer [addons.mozilla.org]—Synchronizes your bookmarks across all computers where it is installed.

The Google Team

I find this news very upsetting as Google Browser Sync is my most favorite Firefox Add-On and is the one Add-On I cannot go without!

Since I use Firefox on three computers (two Macs and one PC) the bookmark, history, and password syncing comes in handy but I would be really lost without its syncing of open Tabs. I often have 3-6 tabs open to remind me of things that I still have to read or take care of and it’s kinda a todo list of sorts for me.

While Mozilla Weave certainly appears to be a viable replacement for Google Browser Sync down the road it’s not a proven product like Google’s. Browser Sync has never failed me and it does everything I could have asked for. The prospect of jumping from this proven product to an unknown and unproven beta add-on is frightening and a risk that I don’t feel is worth taking at this point.

If you’re a happy Google Browser Sync user like me I suggest waiting a bit and sticking with Firefox 2. New and improved doesn’t always mean it’s better.