Gnomie Justin Hall writes:

Hey Chris! Here are some features and improvements I would like to see in Windows 7.

  1. Better driver support. I want to see no limits in what I can hook up to my computer and I don’t want to see error messages because of it.
  2. One thing that bothered me with Vista was I couldn’t sync my mobile devices with Windows mail and Windows Calendar. I want to see them work with my mobile devices.
  3. I want to see DRASTIC improvements on Internet Explorer. I want to see faster rendering, stability, etc.
  4. I want to see x64 support built in. I don’t want to have to buy another version for it however.
  5. Better built in virus protection and spyware/malware protection. Defender is not that great, Microsoft!
  6. I want better networking options. I notice a lot of bugs with my networking. I have set everything up properly but my computer because of Vista drops my network randomly. It is easy to get back on but I shouldn’t have to reconnect all the time.
  7. Power management improvement. I want to see my battery last more than two hours and have better ways to improve my power usage.
  8. This will probably be put up to the specific vendors like HP or Sony but I would absolutely love to never ever see bloatware on my desktop the first time I open my computer… Microsoft should push this more.
  9. Better uninstallation software. I am tired of having to clean the registry when I uninstall something. It should delete the entries on its own. Come on, Microsoft.
  10. Less requirements to run. I understand if you want the fancy looking stuff, like aero, that you need a better video card, but I want to see it work with older machines with slower hardware and outdated hardware.
  11. Better services control. The average user is not going to understand how to start and stop a service and half of the services that are started by default are not even needed… So do us a favor and make it easier to customize which of them we need and give them better names… Nobody knows what “khjyi.exe” is for.
  12. Less BSOD would be nice.
  13. I want my operating system released when it is ready. I don’t want to see drivers unsupported because we rushed it out the door. I don’t want BSODs constantly. I want a computer that is stable at launch… thanks, Microsoft!