Gnomie [LTC]Tribe from our chat room writes:

After watching your video I thought to myself “what do geeks want from a Web browser?” Then a millisecond later I thought: “Well I’m a geek, what do I want from a Web browser?”

The first thing that popped into my head was addons! So I thought, as I am an avid community member of, I would write my top 5 list of Firefox 3 plugins.

  1. Adblock Plus — This is very nice for those of us who get annoyed with silly adverts that we don’t care about! This addon seamlessly removes both text and Flash adverts from just about any Web page. The first time I used it I thought to myself: “is it actually working?” Well, I haven’t got an invitation to join a bingo Web site yet!
  2. Speed Dial — This is very much like Opera’s standard system. You can set nine bookmarks per page of your favourite Web sites. It gives you a nice snapshot of each Web site so you can jog your memory of what is actually there. Then once you have chosen, you either use a number or click the image to launch the page. Very nice for news pages if you want a quick snapshot of headlines.
  3. FlagFox — For all those people who are interested in where a Web site is being hosted. It adds a little flag in the bottom right of the browser showing the country where it is. Then once you click the flag, you can have a nosey of the general area of where the Web site is hosted. It’s always nice to find that most Web sites are under a field of some sort… well that’s where Geotool thinks it is anyway!
  4. Tab Scope — Now for all those who love Vista’s little addition of Live View (or whatever it is you call it). When you hover your mouse over the tab, it gives you a snapshot of the page where it is. And if you want you can use the simple navigation icons to browse around the history on that particular tab! Very snazzy, indeed.
  5. TwitterBar — For all those Twitter addicts that Twitter their lives 24/7 (like #Chris). All you have to do is type your Twitter in the address bar, then click the little Twitter button, and before you can say Twitter my tweet, it’s tweet… ed

Hope you can use this some time and it’s a great job you’re doing of lifecasting.