We teach our children how to use computers, to find interesting subjects on the Internet, to use the Internet to help them in their studies and now to locate sources of cooling entertainment. Actually the last one the kids have learned on their own. Our children are using Google Earth to find homes with swimming pools.  The kids gather on social networking sites like My Space and setup pool parties. The homeowners return home to find their pool area littered with beer cans.

It is kind of funny if you are not a pool owner who’s privacy has been invaded. The gatecrashes are described in the article as:

The rules of ‘dipping’ often include wearing fancy dress and participants are urged to ‘bring a bike’ to escape if discovered.

There are fears that the craze could spread across the UK as the weather improves and pool owners leave their homes unattended while on holiday.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said yesterday: ‘We are advising owners of swimming pools to be on their guard.

‘We would also warn prospective swimmers that using someone else’s pool is trespassing and therefore illegal.’

Though the original story is centered in the UK, I am sure this sort of activity will spread to other countries. I would find it hard to believe if this is not going on in the US already. If it hasn’t it soon will be.  As we approach the hot days of summer, those cool swimming pool waters will be calling the youth to gather.

I did recall a story several years ago in which a couple woke up in San Diego to find a family of illegals, not swimming, but  bathing in their pool. But that’s another story.

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