An article in ComputerWorld reports that Dell, or possibly Microsoft (who do you trust ?) is changing the rules for downgrades to XP from Vista. After June 30, the only home computers that can be downgraded to XP are the ones designated as gamer machines. No others will be allowed.

The charge for this will be $20, which is cheaper than the $50 for business PCs from the company, but that’s only fair (well, fairer) as the Dell gamer (read XPS) machines are overpriced already.

I am thinking that this just might be a nuisance fee and the ‘edict’ from Microsoft would be something that no one at Microsoft would acknowledge, if asked. If it is a decision from Microsoft, it would necessitate a modification of the EULA, and I’d like to see those original discs – something like Windows Vista SP1 Special – Gamers Are The Only Ones Allowed To Revert To XP Edition.

Microsoft is managing to destroy itself by inches, in a time when the average customer has already been alienated enough.

Are you going to purchase from Dell in the near future? Will you purchase now, or wait until after the 30th and press the point?

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