Yahoo is adding additional email services, one to be called ‘’. As many of us are aware, over the years millions of people got yahoo mail addresses as secondary addresses to try and filter junk mail away from their primary email address. Many of these accounts may be dormant, or rarely used, but the name is taken and can’t be reused.

Yahoo claims that by opening additional emailing addresses, that this will allow users to obtain an email name closer to what they may be using on other accounts. In an article at C/Net it also states:

Yahoo Mail, the top provider of Web-based e-mail, is letting users sign up with the and domains in an attempt to attract new users and keep existing ones loyal.

The move is geared to help people find a better e-mail address, said John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo Mail. “We want users to get the exact e-mail account they want so they stay with us for life,” he said.

Because “[email protected]” is likely taken by now, a lot of people must resort to unpleasant and hard-to-remember addresses such as “[email protected]” Yahoo wants to give people a new chance with a name they like.

Now rocketmail I like. If and when it becomes available I may get myself a ‘speedy’ sounding address. 🙂 There is one minor issue that I did think about. If someone, anyone, somewhere buys Yahoo, what guarantee do we have that they will keep email services in the future?

What do you think?

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