One of the beauty parts about blogging, is not only the information I get to share with my readers, but also your comments and observations. Since I started here at LG back in October 2006, I have covered a variety of subjects, most of which have been about computer technology. Once in awhile I toss in a subject that is of interest to me and in which I solicit your comments and opinions. I have been extremely fortunate in that I feel I have gained just as much information from my readers as I have presented.

With this in mind I want to share a piece of my life as it relates to automobiles.  During my existence on planet Earth I have owned some 19 different makes of cars, 17 of which have been American made. So in February 2007 when it came time to replace the family chariot, I was extremely excited with the prospects of car payments once again. I think we will all agree that owning a car, while a necessity in our lives, is one of the biggest money wasting items we can ever purchase.  I always say if I had all of the money I spent on cars, gas, auto insurance, maintenance and so forth, I could of bought a villa in Monte Carlo. 🙂

So my wife Jackie and I were making the rounds of car lots, looking at the new beauties available. We happened to stumble into a KIA dealership and were looking at the different models.We wanted something that was luxurious, stylish, sporty, bottom line, something that was CHEAP! She spotted a KIA Sportage that she liked and felt she could maneuver easily around town. Priced at about $18K it had everything we needed. We went home to contemplate our purchase. I wasn’t sure if a KIA was right for us. I was concerned since it was so inexpensive, how well it would be built. I was impressed with the 10 yr./100,000 mile warranty as well as six airbags and ESC [Electronic Stability Control].

I was looking on the Internet on the KIA site and noticed they had a special lease for the Sportage. We could lease it for 30 months and if we didn’t like it bring it back.  Why not. So we ended up with a new SUV for 30 months that we had the option to either give back to the dealer or buy when the lease ended.

Well after 16 months of ownership we are still enjoying driving our KIA. The fit and finish of the vehicle is great. Our KIA is a well built vehicle that is easy to drive and the mileage is respectable, but not great. 21/29 m.p.g. The ECS is a nice feature but a little suprising when it kicks in, which has only happened once. Last winter I made a turn onto a street with black ice, The ass end started to swing around and bang, in kicked the ECS which straightened out the vehicle and also slowed the speed until control was gained.

Overall I give our KIA a 10/10. But what about you other KIA owners? What do you think?

Comments welcome.